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Understand The Three Elements Of Elder Law

Many people realize that they need a plan for the future as they age. Whether you are the child of an aging parent, nearing retirement or confronted with a change in lifestyle, you may be interested in speaking with a lawyer about how the elements of elder law can be used to secure the future for you and your family.

At Walter D. White, A Professional Law Corporation, I have nearly 40 years of experience helping families plan for the future. Taking advantage of the tools available via elder law is vital to the interests of all hardworking families. I cater my practice to “common man” families because they provide the strength of our community in Shreveport.

When considering the needs of your family, I commonly examine the need for these three elements of elder law, including:

  1. Estate plan: An estate plan will help you anticipate and manage the affairs of your estate, including property and long-term assets. Writing an estate plan can help guard against actions that you do not want to occur, such as certain property being sold when you want to keep it in the family.
  2. Medicaid vs. private insurance: This includes examining potential options for funding of long-term care. Ultimately, we want to outline a plan that is in your best interests so you are not left in a vulnerable financial position when you are most in need of resources.
  3. Powers of attorney: This defines who can make decisions on your behalf should you be unable to make them for yourself based on certain conditions. The question to consider here is who do you trust?

Experience In Long-Term Care Planning

I have earned the trust of countless local families throughout the years, and I am ready to work hard to earn yours too. When you meet with me, I will sit down with you and listen carefully to understand the needs and concerns of your family. Then, I will work with you to write a long-term care plan that fits your situation uniquely.

Discuss Your Options With An Attorney Today

Each of these three elements can be combined or used individually in an effective long-term care plan. As your attorney, I will work to help you outline a plan that is tailored to your best interests both today and in the future.

Contact me today to learn more about how Louisiana elder law and long-term care planning can benefit your family by calling 318-716-7275, or sending a secure email.